Venice Lido Apartments near the Beaches and Riviera

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Exclusive Benefits

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Find the route to reach us

The beach in Lido

Twelve kilometers in length,from the breakwater of San Nicolò to that of Malamocco, the two extreme ends of the beach are left untouched. Over one-hundred meters wide in parts, the beach has made the Lido’s fortune thanks to the very fine velvet golden sand. The finest names in world have been walking on this sand since the time of luxurious pavilion, built for the exclusive use of the royal family in the second half of the 19th century. The Lido has resisted chaos, scuffles around the beach umbrellas, the noisy throngs.Washed by a warm calm sea, thanks to the strict measures taken it has become so clean again as to earn the applauso of enviromentalists.

Our property is 300 meters from “Venezia Spiagge” beach, where is possibile to rent umbrellas and long-chairs, daily or weekly.

Connections to Saint Mark's Square

Many means of transportations connect Lido island to Saint Mark's Square, day and night minimum every 10/20 minutes. The property distances from the pier about 600 meters.(654yd) It is a 10 minutes ride by boat. It is possible to buy 12, 24, 48, 72 hours tickets.

How to reach us

There are several possibilities to reach Lido:

Arriving by plane: International Airport Marco Polo

The international airport Marco Polo is situated in Tessera, 12 Km by car and 10 Km by motorboat from Venezia. It's connected to Venice, Lido and to the railwaystation of Mestre.

Airport - Lido by motorboat:

Public transportations:

  • ALILAGUNA (Yellow boats): Alilaguna is the direct passenger public waterbus service between Venice and its airport.It is the easyest way to reach Lido (55 minutes).
  • BLUE LINE: This line leaves each half-hour (min:xx.00; xx.30) till 22.30, than 23.15 and last ride at 00.15
  • RED LINE: every hour from 08.40 to 18.40.

Private transportations: private water-taxi. The ride will take approximately 30 minutes.

Airport - Venice by car or bus:

Public transportations:

  • Service of pubblic bus ACTV or bus ATVO to Piazzale Roma: ACTV ( AEROBUS n.5). It will take 30 minutes, making several stops before reaching Piazzale Roma. Carnet tickets are available from ACTV authorised sellers and ACTV ticket offices at the airport and in Piazzale Roma. On bus with supplement. ATVO (Blue bus n.35).
    It is a direct connection from airport to Piazzale Roma that takes about 20 minutes; buses leave every half an hour (min:xx.20,xx.50). The buses leave outside the arrivals area on the right.

Private transportations: Private taxi. When you arrive at Piazzale Roma you can take the motorboat to Lido.

From Venice (Piazzale Roma) to Lido

ACTV's Lines (Venetian public transport company), every 10 - 12 minutes: 1, 5.1, 6, 82, N (night).
Get off at Lido S.M.Elisabetta pear.Better to take line 5.1 (it takes 35 minutes)

Arriving by plane: International Airport Treviso

Treviso is situated 30 km from Venice. A shuttle bus connection to Venice (Piazzale Roma) is available upon arrival.

From Venice (Piazzale Roma) to Lido

ACTV's Lines (Venetian public transport company), every 10 - 12 minutes: 1, 5.1, 6 ,82, N (night). Get off at Lido S.M.Elisabetta pier.Better to take line 51 (it takes 35 minutes).

Arriving by train: Train Station Venezia S. Lucia

The Train Station Venezia S. Lucia is situated in Cannaregio, near Piazzale Roma.Inside the station there are trolleys for your luggage which can be taken up to the waterbus stop by using the side exit of the station,thus avoiding the steps outside the main exit.

Public transportations:

ACTV Lines (Venetian public transport company), every 10 - 12 minutes:1, 5.1, 82, N (Night). It will take roughly 35 minutes. Get off at Lido S.M.Elisabetta.

Private transportations: Private water-taxi.

Arriving by bus: from Tronchetto to Lido

Public transportations:

PEOPLE MOOVER from Tronchetto to Piazzale Roma,every 10 minutes.
ACTV Lines (Venetian public transport company),from Piazzale Roma peer, every 10 - 12 minutes:1, 5.1, 82, N. Get off at Lido S.M.Elisabetta.

Private transportations: Private water-taxi.

Arriving by car: Tronchetto / Piazzale Roma

Highways coming from all directions, exit Venezia. As you get off from the highway, follow the signs showing Venezia Lido, Ferry Boat/TRONCHETTO.

Once you have arrived near the lagoon,get onto the Ponte della Libertà ( a long straight line with two lanes linking Venice to the mainland) follow the signs for FERRY-BOAT to Lido.

Get on the Ferry Boat, line 17 ACTV, belonging to the public transportation company.

Tickets price changes from car's size. It will take roughly 35 minutes. Departures every 50 minutes. You can book your ride in advance.

You can leave your car also in Piazzale Roma (where there are several garages).An alternative is to leave your car in Mestre,close to the Railway station and reach Venice by bus (line 2) or train (10 minutes ride). We suggest to reach Lido by ferry-boat because it is more confortable and less expensive.

A great advantage getting to Lido island is that you can park your car close to your room,having no troubles with the luggage, being 10 minutes away from the city center (Saint Mark’s square) and close to the beach and promenades.

...when on Lido

Arrived on Lido ask for a private taxi car to reach the Riviera S.Nicolò n.4, or ask for public bus to San Nicolò (“A” line,direction SAN NICOLO’)and get off at the first stop. Should you prefer to walk; you’ll find us at a 5 minutes (700 meters) distance along the lagoon,turning LEFT (shoulders to the lagoon) after disembarking. On arrival you see on your righthandsite some flags and the sign “OASIS”.